Cotton Testing

High Volume Fibre Tester - Semi Automatic

Raw Material and Process Management System

Yarn Testing

Evenness Tester for Yarn,Roving and Sliver

New generation High Speed Fully Automatic Single Yarn Strength Tester for testing more number of samples at a higher speed compared to any traditional system available today. With significantly higher testing speeds, Larger samples can be subjected to Quality scrutiny for estimating t he weak places in Yarn precisely. A good correlation with the performance of downstream processes like Weaving and Knitting can be established there by.

All New Classification Standard with Foreign Fibre and White PP classes

Contamination Sorter

PREMIER Uni Q, the first Smart contamination sorter powered by PolyLinear Camera with iGaze technology is the only solution for efficient elimination of foreign matter in Blowroom line.

Spindle Monitoring System - Online

Individual Spindle Monitoring System for Spinning